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Planned and Unplanned Actions City of Kingston


Mute Swan Couple Persists; 2015-2019

Expert Builders

New Life on Colonel By Lake

Aragon Road Geology

Deeds and Maps


Littoral Zone


Oral History

Ospreys of the Aragon

The Lake

Trees Along the Aragon Road

Wild Life


End of an Era

Weather and Climate

Spring 2019

Restoration Work of Kingston Mills Locks

Winter Migration 2018

Wild Turkeys Invade Conservation Area

A Quiet Moment in Nature

When a Tree Falls in the Forest…

The Old and New Graham House

Spring 2018; Unusual Sightings

Rural Road Maintenance 2018

2017 Wildlife Along the Aragon Road

Graham Farm Sold

Neighbour Publishes Historical Novel

Pipeline Repair at 569 Aragon Road

Graham House and Lot Sold and For Sale Again

Winter Sports

October Glory on the Aragon Road

Where Or Water Comes From

Update on Osprey Nesting and More

UNESCO World Heritage; the Rideau Canal

Wildlife in June

New Wildlife on Colonel By Lake, 2016

Four Historical Homes on Aragon Road

The Swans Are Back

Winter Blast

Happy New Year 2016

Land for Sale

A day in the Life of our Aragon Road

Isle of Man Estate Development

Battersea Solar Farm Project

Heritage Road and Park Maintenance

 Landscaping Solar Farm

 News from Rural Advisory Committee: Solar Farms

Swans on the Rideau

 Wilma Graham No Longer With Us

 Three Areas in our Neighbourhood to be Studied

KIngston Waterfront Master Plan

Spring has Sprung

Wildlife on the Aragon Road

“Wanton Whackers” Visit Our Road

Winter Sports on Colonel By Lake

Photo Essay by Portia Ball

“The Path” a short film by Queen’s students with our Aragon Road as venue

Restoring shore lines and how to keep the geese off your lawn

2 thoughts on “INDEX

  1. Lovely trip back in time my grandmother was Winnifred Orr. After the colonel passed she and Mrs. Potter lived in a row house on the colonels land


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