The Old and New Graham House

You might remember this… October 2016. Cecil Graham’s former rental property was for sale on a 10 acre piece of land. The house was initially trucked in from across Colonel By Lake. It was a small wood-frame house¬† and Cecil clad it in Angel stone. When the property sold they dismantled the old little house and build a three thousand square foot house instead.

And this… July 2017.

And the newly built house…

June 2018, the new house was built in part on the old foundation, Why? Maybe that way the planning department allowed two extra lots to be severed for a small estate development of three houses.

The Graham Farm Sold

The Cecil and Wilma Graham farm was sold by the Estate Trustees John and Isabel Turner, to the George Patrick and Marie-Ann Carey, owners of two century farms on Paterson Road, just north of the Aragon Road where the Graham farm was located.

The Graham farm was assembled over time by acquiring smaller land grants given by the British government to workers and military personnel who participated in he building of the Rideau Canal from 1826-32. See Wilma Graham remembers…click HERE for more.

The land north of the Aragon Road from the Quintin property farm to Keirstead’s land is mostly designated as “Prime Agricultural” by the Province of Ontario and local planning laws. It is for this reason that estate development along the road is limited to fill-in estate lots, such as currently advertised by Century 21.

It is for this reason that the historic Aragon Road has been preserved by the people along it, but mostly by Cecil and Wilma Graham, as the original “forced road” from the mid 1880s.

The sale of the Graham farm has added another layer to the preservation of our road’s character as the Carey’s are now owning it and have added it to their large farm that now stretches from the Paterson Road to the Aragon Road.

From Service Ontario, Land Registry. The Graham farm is marked in darker grey. The 29 acres of land south of the Aragon Road Lot 37-38, was donated to the then Township of Kingston for the “enjoyment of the ¬†public” and is now marked as the Cecil and Wilma Graham Park.


A areal view of the land between the Aragon Road and the Paterson Road shows the combined area the Careys farm.

The Graham farm is marked by the dotted borders, the Carey land is marked by solid lines. These borders were assumed from local observation and might not be correct. This will be followed-up. Note the land south of the Aragon Road,the Graham Park, is connected to the wooded peninsula the juts out in Esther Head Marsh, and which is federal conservation area.


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