Why have a website about the Aragon Road, just a little rural hard topped road somewhere north of Kingston, Ontario?

Because it is a gem of a heritage road, the best kept secret in our city, right beside Colonel By Lake, part of the Rideau Canal, a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2012.

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This blog aims at collecting and preserving the history of the Aragon Road, an  early settler’s “forced road” that borders on Colonel By Lake, part of the Rideau Canal, just north of Kingston Mills. It is part of the community of Glenburnie, now within the administration of the City of Kingston, Ontario.

The Rideau Canal is a slack water way connecting the city of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, with Kingston, Canada’s first capital. It connects over 200 km of lakes, rivers and hand dug canals, built between 1826-1832 under the supervision of Colonel By, a member of the Royal Engineers of the British military.

The Aragon Road derives its name from “Oregan Territory” the historical name for the Glenburnie area along the Battersea stagecoach road; an early settler, John Hogan, who built a cheese factory at the end of the dirt road that ran along Colonel By Lake, named it the “Arigan”.

We hope to create an interesting historic profile from the time of the early settlers to the current.

For a listing of the several cultural and natural historic subjects go to the index or click on the topics in the heading of each page.


If you have any historic information or wish to contribute by telling us your stories, please contact Henk Wevers at weversh@queensu.ca

For more information about the author click here:

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To the index.

Click the compass and navigate the site.


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