Weather and Climate

Erratic weather is not the same as climate change. Weather is only predictable in the short term, while the latter is a long term phenomenon. However, if weather becomes unusual and deviates from the norm towards another normal, such as higher seasonal temperatures, it might be a telltale sign that climate change is involved.

We visited the Aragon Road towards the end of December 2019, after we had moved for more than a year from our perch at the west end of Colony By Lake . We wanted to see how the neighbourhood looked between Christmas and New Year.

There were no ice-sailors, no hockey rinks and no cross-country skiers and only one brave ice fisher trying to catch a fish.

But he is not alone on thin ice, far away in a very cold country there are two more…

These two ice-fishers were not on Colonel By Lake but could have been. Instead they were on a small lake just outside Moscow, 7324 km kilometers to the east. The caption informed us that their little lake was barely frozen and ice fishing was risky. Recorded temperatures had never been that high shortly before the new year. That’s MOSCOW. Things seem to be the same here in Kingston. Photo credit: EPA at:

Where there is open water, waterfowl are congregated. We could see hundreds of Canada geese, gulls and ducks on the shore and bobbing in the water. On our way back to Battersea Road we saw an osprey perched in a tree near Graham’s farm.

When I stopped our car to have a better look, the bird flew away. This is the nearest image I can show of what I saw. Photo from the www at:

From what we have experienced during our forty years of living on the Aragon Road, this is the first time, just before Christmas, that the temperature has been for weeks well above freezing, the roads are clear, fields are brown with patches of green and just a dusting of snow.

Three small barns on the hill at Grahams’ farm, halfway down the Aragon Road. Early January 2020. Photo credit Henk Wevers
The wooded area opposite the boat ramp at the end of December 2019. Photo credit Henk Wevers


lt wasn’t always so. Some of the winter activities around Christmas a year ago in 2018 are shown in the collage below. Overall, that was also a mild year, but it gave us an old-fashioned winter.

Let’s hope that 2020 will be the year when we take climate change seriously. There will be snow and ice but how much that’s anybody’s guess. Have a nice one anyway.

2 thoughts on “Weather and Climate

  1. Thank you Henk for the post. Climate change is a real concern, and the lack of zeal to deal with it is very frustrating. Our grandchildren will pay the price, I fear.


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