A more than 150 year old oak tree didn’t fall in our forest, but it shed a large branch in a violent windstorm one night. The trees around it didn’t protect her. The branch was almost as old as the trunk. In the middle of the night a sound different from howling wind caught our ears, it was a rushing then crashing sound as if an electric bolt from a thunderstorm had hit the tree. The next day showed the damage.

Almost a year later, Mark Fleming, a resident on our road started to cut boards out of the branch to make a coffee table and other pieces of woodcraft. Here is a photo reportage you might enjoy.

Mark cut the boards that are from one to 1.5 inch thick with a chainsaw guided by a portable saw jig. The very broad cut at the crotch of the branch was cut free-hand. The piece that came off is now a very artistic coffee table.




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