2017 Wildlife Along the Aragon Road

Neighbours sent us some rare photos of the  wildlife along our road and in the River Styx. Enjoy!

Jackie Duffin photographed these turkey vultures roosting in a tree bordering Colonel By Lake. We counted fifteen but there might be more. 

Enjoying the midday rest after a heavy lunch? These birds eat almost exclusively carrion and one wonders where they find all that around here. I assume there is road-kill and in the fields there might be a lot of dead animals killed by predators and other causes?  In any case they are valuable for cleaning up our environment.

In flight one only sees the dark profile of the bird with its characteristic bend-up wing tips when soaring on a thermal updrafft, but in this closeup we see the primary wing feathers. Below the anatomy of a bird’s wing. Click the photo for more information.

Image result


Mark Fleming a professional photographer on our road took these photos of the bald eagles that nest in the marsh of the north-western tip of the River Styx.

This is the one young they hatched this year, 2017.

Parent number one and below number two. Mark tells us that subtle differences show who is the female and male. Any birders who can see the difference?

The young fledgling in flight.


Not all of us might like the cormorant but they are magnificent flyers skimming at low altitude over the water and the waves. This one is taking off by splashing its webbed feet on the water for extra lift.

The Ministry of the Environment must have done some culling because the numbers of cormorants on our lake is way down, compared with last year. Is it wise to interfere with nature?

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