Winter Sports

The new heading on the website shows two nice and quiet winter sports: Ice sailing and snow/ ice bicycling. The photos below might inspire you to enjoy the winter.


Notice the very thick tires on the bicycle, they are 10 cm wide and have a low pressure to create a large contact area between the tire and the snow or ice. A very coarse and deeply grooved rubber pattern also increases grip. Otto Wevers on bicycle, photo credit Henk Wevers.

ice-boats-and-otto-jan-6-2017-oNo problem cycling at a speed of 15-20 km per hour. To see what the ice sailings buddies are up to.

ice-boats-and-otto-jan-6-2017All tuned up and ready to go?

ice-boats-and-otto-jan-6-2017-eHere they are, the boats are fast with a  low friction blades they easily go 30 to 50 km per hour if the wind is favourable. The sailors are from the Kingston Yacht Club and the numbers and initials show.



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