Do we really want a flock of Canada Geese on our lawn?

It’s that time of the year that the parents and their young come together and invite themselves on our manicured lawns. From east to west, have a look…

geese in rocky-point-park

Canada geese at a city park in Port Moody, BC. Snoozing after a stressful lunch on the well manicured lawn of this waterfront city park. Source: CBC news article.  And if they get thirsty, the parks and recreation department is there for them…

canada geese in city park Port Moody BC


Canada Geese are wonderful birds, especially in flight when they come in low overhead, to land on Colonel By Lake.

Most Canadians can enjoy a majestic V-shaped flock winging their way to and from their breeding grounds.

They love short cut grass and gobble at least a pound and half a day of this diet, complemented with weeds and silt from the bottom of our shallow waters. Grain and corn in the fields along Battersea Road will complement their diet. They need also about half a litre of water.

A bit less than half of their total intake comes out at the other end each day to fertilise your lawn.


Along the Aragon Road some of us offer as many amenities as Port Moody. Have a look.

edenwood house geese eJust under a hundred visitors. That’s a bit less than a hundred pounds of fertilizer aka “CGP”. The photo was taken after the owners of this house opened up their view of the lake by uprooting the shrubs along their shore line. Then they improved the lawn to reflect a city park and presto, the Canada Geese moved in. Notice the inviting  shoreline with its low slope up to the short cropped grass: the geese’s salad bar. 

Other favourite sites for Canada Geese are at the end of Aragon Road.

 While several lots have left the shrubs and trees along the shore to protect the clay bank and absorb runoff, in other areas the lawn stretches up to the water’s edge. It is there that the geese enter the lawns in very large numbers.

 The City of Oakville says this: “Geese are attracted to mown lawns that stretch down to the water. To deter them allow native vegetation, including longer grasses, to grow at the water’s edge.” Click here for full article. 

alan point drive google earth cropped

 Once they have easy access areas to short cropped lawns, they will come back year after year. We posted a re-print from Ontario Nature Magazine in making shorelines more geese proof, you can access it by clicking : “Bringing Nature Back to the Cottage.” 


For the INDEX and its list of all posts and stories, click the photo below. It was taken just at the entrance of the canal to the River Styx.

We hope you like our website, the feedback we receive is kind and informative.

geese family aug 2015 b

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