Four Historic Homes on Aragon Road

Congratulations to the owners of four homes on our Aragon Road that have been added to the Heritage Property List of the City of Kingston. These four are:  the John Hogan House at Aragon nr. 13, built in circa 1863; the Michael Burke Farm at nr. 204 built after 1861; The Corrigan House at nr. 384, built before 1860 and the Draper Farm at nr. 464, built prior to 1860.

farm hogan end of roadThe John Hogan House, now owned by Art and Thea Tidman.


colours oct 2011 graham prop.ajpg

The Michael Burke Farm, owned by the late Cecil and Wilma Graham


bob w house jan 2010 1200x 700

The Corrigan House, currently owned by Bob Wolfe and Jackie Duffin


quintin house oct 2013The Draper Farm, currently owned by Phil and Judith Quintin

There is one historic house left of the list and that is the house previously owned by the Lockett family, and currently owned by Jamie Carson and Catherine Dhavernas. According to Ryan Leary,  Senior Planner, Heritage, it will be added later.

I have no idea why it was not listed as it is built in the same period as the Michael Burke farm house, better known as the Graham farmhouse. The Locket house was original red brick but Colonel Fair would by farms, ‘modernise the farmhouse by stuccoing the outside,severing it off with a parcel of land  and sell it for a profit.

lockett house after renovation The Lockett house, now owned by Jamie Carson and Catherine Dhavernas 


The owners of these historical houses received a letter with extensive documentation about the farmhouses, an aerial view of the property, part of a historic map by Putnam and Walling, 1860, a section on the architectural merits of the house, historic data and the criteria used to assign the Cultural Heritage Value according to Ontario Regulation 9/06

The Putman and Wallling map is included in this website at:


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graham trees oct 14 2015 ineke

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