You might have seen a “For Sale” sign up on the land just east of the boat ramp. It is a 56 acre plot of prime agricultural land that offers us a wide vista looking north over the fields. The real estate firm describes it as: “56.46 acres of prime land with mature, managed forest. Land fronts on Aragon Road with water view. Front field offers excellent opportunity for development. Steel barn is positioned on second field. 40’ right of way to Rideau directly in front of property. For more details go here:

for sale golden farm land

The 56 acres borders on the Aragon Road and then north to Unity Road. Part of it has  been planted with trees in the late 1980s by Jack Golden  who owns the land. The piece just over the fence is the area that people would like to convert from prime agricultural to rural/residential.

The front field offers “excellent opportunity for development” according to Rogers and Trainer Real Estate. But the land is designated Prime Agricultural on schedule 3-B of the Official Plan. It might be possible to get an amendment for the establishment of a residence on a  2.5 acre section, but only once. We will have to wait and see what comes up in the planning and approval process.


The Graham farm might come up for sale also after the death of the owner, Wilma Graham in 2015. Wilma left a legacy see Index or click here: Wilma was our oldest neighbour on the road and for her stories click here  Story Telling by Wilma 

colours oct 2011 graham prop.ajpg

The Graham farm a year ago. At that time Wilma Graham participated by telling her story of life on the farm. Photo Henk Wevers.

Wilma and Cecil Graham left us a stretch of rural road that is characteristic of the early 1950s when they married and settle in the farm house. In fact the trees and landscaping can be called historic: the trees are more than hundred years old and we can thank the stubbornness of Cecil that the scenery has little changed. Cecil and Wilma liked the land as it was; in the late 1950s, they refused to sell lots east of their farm where the small “angel stone” house is now located, and where the estate lots start. To the west they kept the land as it was, bordering the field that is now for sale.

Then, in the mid 1980s they were adamant that Ontario Hydro could not change the existing right of way through their fields to a new one along the road. Had they give permission to do so it would have destroyed the magnificent scenery and the trees would no longer be there.  See the photos below, taken in July and October 2015.

graham trees july 2015 a graham trees oct 14 2015 ineke


In contrast I also show what it would have been if Cecil and Wilma had not protected the road in front of their farm.

graham trees hydro cut oct 14 2015

This is the hydro corridor in the Graham farm fields located to the north of the farm house. The photo was taken a week after Hydro One had cleared the right of way.


Then at the end of Graham’s farm is a stone house, original a frame house  that Cecil Graham transported from somewhere on a large trailer to the site. This occurred in the mid 1980-s. It has been rented but that might not be possible again, so it will also be for sale one might think. The site could be used for something else or for building a new house since it is already a residential lot, I assume.

So change is once again coming to our area.

This raises a question. What is the future of our Aragon Road? Change is probably inevitable but we owe it to Cecil and Wilma Graham to preserve the character of the original “forced road”as much as possible . If the Aragon Road is an nice place it will attract others to share what we have enjoyed over the years. We cannot play the “nimby” game since we came here and changed the area as well.

BUT, how to be fair and share our style of rural living and how much should we try to preserve.  The land that is designated  prime agricultural has been set aside for the future. One does not endlessly develop farm land that gives us food, for now and very likely for our children and grandchildren well into the future. The Official Plan of the City of Kingston is clear about that.

Next would be the question what the parkland, wetlands and conservation areas should look like and what might or should not be done.  Currently that is addressed in the Waterfront Mater Plan in the final draft stage.

On Monday, November 16, in the Olympic Harbour building, Portsmouth Village, there is an open house organised by the City to view the final draft of this plan and to give the public a last change to provide comments and suggestions. After this it will go to Council for approval.

Maybe you wish to come and see what is planned for the Aragon Road: the boat ramp, park, conservation area and more.

cecil wilma graham park 2014 a


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wmp cecel wilma park jan 30 2014


One thought on “LAND FOR SALE

  1. Cecil and Wilma were My Uncle and Aunt , my Father Robert Edward Graham was Cecil’s elder Brother who Lived in Conway Ontario with our Family of 8 children . I kept in contact with Aunt Wilma over the years and was surprised and saddened last year to find that she had passed away , its nice to see someone has taken the time to make this site which I find very nice ,Thank You Robert P. Graham


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