floxes nice 2015

 The phloxes are abundant along the Aragon Road and it is a sure sign of spring.

The Aragon Road is frequently used for recreational activities such as hiking, jogging, bicycle riding, horseback riding, boating and more. There is much to admire and we are lucky to live on a road that is bound by the Rideau Canal on the south and by extensive Class-one agricultural lands, many of which are used for pasture and offer wide vistas. When lucky one can see foxes, deer, sometimes a fisher, a raccoon family and on the water geese, ducks and lately several large white mute swans. In the air turkey vultures circle on the updrafts, and osprey are looking for fish to feed their young.

The damage to our road side trees and shrubs in early spring by a City road side clearing crew using a “flailing” machine, has been cleaned up by a two person private contractor with chainsaws and some common sense. Neighbours came in action and addressed the Rural Advisory Committee with City staff present. We were assured that in he future maintenance will be executed with more regard for the natural vegetation and be more selective.

More of our neighbours are bicycling on the road a refreshing exercise that allows for close-up experiences with wildlife.

We saw a mother fox with three young in tow ,a magnificent picture of family life, the young were bouncing along and playing abundantly showing no fear. We hope that they soon do develop some healthy scepticism and survival instincts.

Red foxes are nocturnal, but it’s not unusual for them to be spotted during the day. They also have exceptional sight, smell and hearing abilities which makes them excellent hunters. Unlike other mammals, the red fox is able to hear low-frequency sounds which help them hunt small animals, even when they’re underground!

For our younger readers: suggest to your teacher to do a project on the Red Fox in Ontario. We will publish your work on this site!

Start with this Canadian Geographic website for a great introduction to most common wild animals in this region, go to: Fact Sheets for the Red Fox and other animals, at: http://www.canadiangeographic.ca/kids/animal-facts/red_fox.asp

Have a great spring and summer, enjoy the road.

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