Sadly, Willma Graham passed away on May 13, 2015, at age 94.

Wilma was an inexhaustible source of historic and anecdotal information about the Aragon Road. We will miss her, and will remember her every time we pas the century farm where she resided all her married life.

colours oct 2011 graham prop.ajpg

The Graham’s farm house built in 1905.

I am glad to have visited her several times from the beginning of this website in 2014, to hear her stories. Sitting in an easy chair at the west facing window, Wilma would enjoy the comings and goings on the road, the daily visits of her friends, and taking it all in, there was little that escaped her keen eyes.

Wilma had a fantastic memory that not only served her well, but also enriched the neighbourly life on the Aragon Road and served as a walking encyclopedia of historic facts dating back to the early settlers’ days when the Graham family emigrated from Ireland in the mid 1800-s to carve out a living in Canada.

We express our deepest sympathy to the family, especially Marie and Henry who most of our neighbours know well.

After a long life of hard work and devotion to the church we know that Wilma will rest in peace. We are grateful that Cecil and Wilma established the park just opposite of their farm for the public to enjoy and to preserve the heritage nature of the area, adjacent to Esher March Bay, part of the Rideau Canal, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

cecil wilma graham park 2014

The plaque commemorating the donation of 27 acres of pasture and wetland to the former Kingston Township in 1994.

For more on the history as told by Wilma, click ORAL HISTORY.


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