Aragon Road Serves as a Venue for Student Short Film “The Path”

film fest  joh title photo

Students from the Queen’s Film Department made a film, “The Path”, with a little shed and the wetlands adjacent to Draper Bay on our Aragon Road as the setting. The film won Best Picture” and “Best Editing” awards at the Queen’s University 2014 Focus Film Festival.

You can see the film at Vimo, just click here and enjoy.


The script was conceived and filmed in three days on a Friday to Sunday by five students as part of a short film competition project. Judges from the Toronto film business were present during the presentation of 14 short films at Queen’s University.


Here is an excerpt from the Gazette student magazine at Queen’s:

Travelling and self-exploration can lead to artistic inspiration.

That’s how Jonathan Klynkramer, ArtSci ’14, describes the idea for the script that won his short film The Path “Best Picture” and “Best Editing” awards at the 2014 Focus Film Festival. It will be shown next month at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival.

The Focus Film Festival is a Queen’s-based event that allows students from all faculties to cultivate their film-making talent and learn from each other.

Students are divided into teams of five and given a previously unreleased topic on which to make a film.

“It’s really intense and exciting,” he said.

Random groups are assigned Thursday night with a deadline of midnight on Sunday.

“The theme for this year was seven virtues and seven vices, and we were assigned to make a film on the virtue of temperance,” he said.

Following the film’s debut at Focus, the group submitted it to the Kingston Canadian Film Festival as a local short. 

Directed by Klynkramer, The Path is a five-minute story about the journey of a wandering woman in search of happiness, played by Chelsea Marie O’Hara, ArtSci ’14. She is guided by a master, and has to ignore the seduction of a temptress on her journey.

The rest of the team was made up of fellow Queen’s students Chantelle Ng, ArtSci ’14, Hilary Smith, ArtSci ’14, Malcolm McKenzie, ArtSci ’17.

Klynkramer picked a location he was familiar with.

“It was shot at my grandparents’ house just outside of Kingston. They have a cabin in the woods near the lake. I wanted to use that as a location in the film for a while so we wrote the script with all that in mind,” Klynkramer said.


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